Framework for scalable, high performance applications

The axon framework is focussed on making life easier for developers that want to create a java application based on the CQRS principles. The framework is used in a lot of environments ….

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Announcing Axon 3 release planning

Work has started on the next major release of Axon Framework: 3.0! We are currently targeting a release date in Q1 of 2016.
In the coming weeks, we will start providing more details about the contents of this release. Stay tuned….

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Axon 2.4.2 Released

Axon 2.4.2 has been released. It contains fixes for a few issues found in 2.4.1, as well as a usability improvement….

Axon 2.4.1 Released

Today, we have released version 2.4.1 of the Axon Framework. This version includes a number of bug fixes. If you’re curr…