Axon 1.3 released!

A new version of Axon has been released. The 1.3 version contains a few minor new features, as well as some fixed for issues found in 1.2.1.

In 1.3, you can now use the CommandTemplate to help with send-and-wait type operations. The command template hides the rather ugly Future API, making it easier for you to focus on the exception cases that really matter.

Furthermore, the test fixtures will now automatically detect any state changes that occur outside of an Aggregate’s Event Handler method. This type of mistake is generally hard to locate, and may result in very subtle and hard-to-debug issues in your application. There is nothing you need to configure. If you use the fixtures, Axon will detect those mistakes for you.

By Community Request, it is now possible to use a non-default Persistence Unit. The JpaEventStore now uses a EntityManagerProvider, which is easily customized to use a specific Persistence Unit. It also allows for an Application Managed Entity Manager, in case you don’t use an Application Container.

Check out the downloads section or update you maven poms to get started.

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