Axon 2.4.2 Released

Axon 2.4.2 has been released. It contains fixes for a few issues found in 2.4.1, as well as a usability improvement.

This versions fixes two issues in the JGroupsConnector. The first is an issue where the connector fails to connect under certain circumstances. This would cause commands to be rejected on that node indefinitely, requiring a restart. The other is that the callback would not be invoked when the result of a command failed to be serialized.

The AsyncAnnotatedSagaManager is also improved. This release resolves some issues around the AsyncAnnotatedSagaManager’s behavior when the connection with the database is lost. Under very specific circumstances, it was possible that it would get caught in a retry-loop while waiting for new messages. In other circumstances, it was possible that messages were discarded.

The last fix is the JacksonSerializer, which was unable to deserialize MetaData instances.

This release also comes with a usability improvement. You can now register a listener with the JGroupsConnector, which will be notified when a change in memberships is detected. This listeners can be used, for example, to invalidate caches for items that have moved to another instance.

Read more about the details in the release notes..

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