Axon 2.4.3 Released

Axon 2.4.3 has been released. It contains fixes for a few issues found in 2.4.2.

Under certain circumstances, it was possible that a JDBC connection wasn’t properly closed in the JDBC Event Store. This could cause issues in applications using Connection Pools (supposedly most of them).

A few fixes have been made in the batched reading of events from the JPA and JDBC event store. In some circumstances, a query would not return any results, due to a number overflow in the Event Store. This could happen when reading events with a start index of less than 2.

Finally, a number of inefficiencies have been fixed. Such as the rollback of a Unit of Work while using optimistic locking. The optimistic lock would retain the sequence number of the aggregate that was rolled back, effectively (temporarily) rejecting all changes to the same aggregate. The DisruptorCommandBus is now also optimized to handle exceptions from the command handler better.

Read more about the details in the release notes..

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