Axon 3.0.2 released

Today, we have released Axon 3.0.2! This release contains a few fixes to issues found in earlier versions.

The generic types in the Given-When-Then test fixtures have been fixed, so that the expectEventMatching() methods now accept the Matchers provided by Axon. Certain matchers could not be used due to incorrect Generic type expectations.

We have also resolved an issue that could cause certain events to be published out-of-order when command handlers would send out new commands as well as events.

In 3.0.1, the TrackingToken would be updated in the JpaTokenStore, even if the data itself didn’t change. In certain databases (e.g. Postgres), this would cause large numbers of LOB Pointers to be ‘consumed’, for no obvious reason. This has been improved in 3.0.2.

We have also implemented a minor improvement: Components registered using the Configuration API are now injectable as parameters of annotated handler methods (e.g. @CommandHandler, @EventHandler).

For more details about this release, check the release notes.

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