Axon 3.0.5 Released

We have released Axon 3.0.5. It contains a few fixes and improvements

One of the improvements is for users that have migrated from Axon 2.4, allowing data stored in that version to still be used (as-is) in 3.0. Support for this is available in the ‘axon-legacy’ module.

The Event Store was unable to cope with timestamps that were stored in another timezone than UTC. The parser has been changed, so that times with explicit timezones are properly converted to an Instant.

The GenericJpaRepository was unable to work with aggregate identifiers other than String. In this release, a converter can be specified that converts the String value used in the Repository API to the value to use in the EntityManager API.

The GenericJpaRepository now loads entities using a write lock from the database. This ensures that an aggregate is only active on a single node at a time and prevents deadlocks when multiple threads attempts to upgrade the read lock to a write lock.

For a detailed overview of changes, check the release notes.

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