Axon 3.0.7 Released

Axon 3.0.7 has been released and is available for download on the website, and Maven Central.

This release comes with a few fixes for issues found in earlier versions:

When a nested Unit of Work is rolled back, the events published by that Unit of Work (as well as any side-effects) are prevented from being published. Under certain conditions, in previous versions, it was possible that these changes were committed as part of the parent Unit of Work.

When TrackingProcessors take a long time processing an event, it was possible that two instances of the same processor, running on different nodes, would think they both owned the claim. 3.0.7 contains a fix that will ensure only a single instance believes it holds the claim, and prevents it from being “stolen” while the processor is processing an event.

In certain conditions, when an EventBus was defined under another name than “eventBus”, Spring would complain about the bean called “eventBus” not being available. This has been fixed in the 3.0.7 release.

Very rarely, a TrackingProcessor would generate a StackOverflowException while attempting to start reading from the “live events” stream. A fix is included to prevent the processor ending up in an infinite loop while trying to do so. It will now only attempt once each event cycle.

For more details on changes, check out the GitHub issues page.

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