Axon 3.2.1 released

Axon 3.2.1 has been released. As per usual, this release consists of minor issues and bug fixes encountered in the previous 3.2 release.

One thing that fell between the cracks in release 3.2, was the occurrence of a ‘NullPointerException’ if an ‘@QueryHandler’ annotated function returned ‘null’. It is obviously a fair assumption that query handlers might return ‘null’ in certain scenarios, thus this was faulty behavior. Luckily the fix was quite simple to introduce.

Another note worthy fix we introduced was removing some cruft code around attempting token retrieval retries in a ‘TrackingEventProcessor’. When using the multi threaded approach of the ‘TrackingEventProcessor’, it would happen that the thread which did not hold the ‘TrackingToken’ at that time would spin for retries in quick succession. This introduced unnecessary, and unwanted, high CPU usage.

For a more thorough list of all resolved issue, check out the release notes here.

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