Axon 3.2.2 released

In quick successions to 3.2.1, Axon 3.2.2 has been released to iron out a couple of minor bugs.

There were a couple of serialization issues when using the ‘JacksonSerializer’, for the ‘ScehduleToken’ and ‘ReplayToken’ to be exact.

More noteworthy however was an inconsistency whilst routing commands with the ‘SpringCloudCommandRouter’ in a distributed Axon set up.
The local segment for routing commands was identical per node in the system, thus giving the illusion for the nodes that they were in charge of the exact same segment.
This routing occurred due to a naming issue for the members in the distributed set up, which we required since newer versions of Spring Cloud did not provide a URI (which initially was the unique name per member) during start up.
This has been resolved by waiting for a Spring event to signal that registration has finalized, which was the trigger notifying the ‘SpringCloudCommandRouter’ the URI was available, thus enabling consistent routing.

For a more detailed description of the resolved issue, check out the release notes here.


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