Axon 3.3.6 released

Last week, we have released 3.3.6 of the framework. Several bugs have been addressed in this release, as well as some enhancements by our contributors, for which thanks! I’d also like to take this moment to recommend you’d upgrade to this latest version if you’re on Axon 3.3, but obviously we always recommend staying on the latest release.

We noticed that Sagas weren’t always correctly picked up in the correct processing group when using the @ProcessingGroup on class level of the Saga implementation, when using Spring. Some minor adjustments in the Spring Auto Configuration class were necessary to fix this problem.

One of our contributors found that the Scope Aware Provider implementation using the Configuration class did not always give the right ScopeAware components. This was due to an issue where the some Configuration Modules are, correctly so, lazily configured and at that point in time do not know the actual contents of the module. Thus, some ScopeAware components were missed.

Lastly I want to share an issue of distributed nature which one of our users made us aware of. If two nodes, thus two Axon applications, were sending commands to each other and, importantly, were waiting for the command result, one node might block on the other node if that was blocking on command publishing as well. We have resolved this by issuing new threads upon receiving a command message, which unblocked a node from this lock.

The list of fixes and enhancements is a little longer then what I have sketched here. For more details please look here.

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