Axon 2.4.6 Released

Axon 2.4.6 has been released, which contains a few minor improvements over the previous version.

  • The QuarztEventScheduler now allows for custom serialization of the Trigger Job. This helps when migration application versions while jobs are scheduled in an old format.
  • The exception message for JSR303 validation errors has been improved.
  • A timing issue when auto-detecting AggregateFactory instances for the snapshotter has been fixed
  • Saga’s don’t survive their creation when an exception is thrown during the @StartSaga event handler. This prevent ‘ghost’ instances from lingering around after a failure.
  • EventMessages in SagaTestFixture now use simulated fixture time
  • In AMQP configuration, the ‘exclusive mode’ is set (to false) before configuring concurrent consumers (>1)


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