Release Notes 1.3

Changes and new features

  • Added CommandTemplate for common dispatch-and-wait style operations
  • The NoOpCallback is deprecated and will be removed in future versions
  • Added “expectNoDispatchedCommands()” in Saga test fixture
  • Given-when-then test fixture detects state changes outside of Aggregate’s Event Handler methods
  • Given-when-then test fixture support use of commands as “given” state
  • Support for environments with more than one Persistence Context, or one that is not container managed (#19)
  • AssociationValue now only supports String as value

Bug fixes

  • Removed race condition with garbage collector causing old Saga state to be produced (#30)
  • Schedule token from SimpleEventScheduler was not Serializable (#28)
  • Ignoring snapshot events when a LinkageError occurs
  • [Version 1.3.1] Fixed issue with illegal state change detection where complex aggregate structures caused stack overflow.
  • [Version 1.3.2] Fixed issue causing occasional NullPointerException on high concurrency on PessimisticLockManager.
  • [Version 1.3.3] Solved NPE issue when association property returns null value
  • [Version 1.3.3] Fixed NPE when loading inexistent aggregate in GenericJpaRepository
  • [Version 1.3.3] Fixed deadlock possibility in SagaManager
  • [Version 1.3.3] Fixed potential GC race condition issue in Saga
  • [Version 1.3.3] Fixed bug in illegal state change detection

API Changes

  • The JpaEventStore now has a required constructor parameter of type EntityManagerProvider. If you use the axon namespace in Spring, you don’t have to worry about this.
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