There is a number of sample applications that you can use to see how Axon is used.

Address book sample


Addressbook sample (2.0.0)


First, download the sample of your choice in the Download section above. You can deploy this war file in any web container, such as Tomcat or Jetty.

There is really not much to it. That’s it! Just go to http://localhost:8080/axon-addressbook-flexui-war-2.0.0/ (or the port that your web container is configured to listen to) and enjoy the application.

Things to check out:

Check out the event store

The sample application uses an in-memory hsqldb to store query data. The event store is located on disk, and is placed in the temporary folder ( Some web containers define their own tmp dir, for example under [tomcat_install_dir]/temp. In that folder, you’ll see aContact folder. Each file in there represents a contact aggregate. Each line inside the file (you can open it using any test editor you like) contains an XML representation of an event.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the Axon Users Mailinglist. See

Check out the power of ubiquitous events

With the Axon Framework, events are available in all corners of your application. Since the sample uses a rich client, it is configured to listen to events, too. Open up two browser windows with the application. Add a contact in one, and watch the other window. It will update instantaneously.

See how it’s done

You probably want to see how stuff is done. You can check out the sample code using your Git client from the following address:

Master: git://

Or browser the repository on GitHub:

If you want to build the Flex Client yourself using maven, make sure that you have the FLEX_HOME environment variable pointed to your Adobe Flex SDK installation. Otherwise, the project will build without the Flex UI.

Axon Trader

The Axon Framework team is working on the Axon Trader, a stock exchange application that will showcase the more advanced features of Axon. It is still work in progress. You can follow it here.

Other samples

Michael Schnell is working on an “Auction House” application, based on Axon Framework.